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Crysta's OC Needs Approval

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Crysta's OC Needs Approval Empty Crysta's OC Needs Approval

Post  Crysta13 on Sat Jan 21, 2012 7:53 pm

Name: Crysta
Nicknames(s): Cry, Crys (Pronounced like Chris)
Alias(es): N/A
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 14
Birthday: July 23
Hometown and Region:Littleroot, Hoenn

Hair: Black, straight, down to waist, usually braided or over one shoulder
Eyes: Cobalt
Clothes: A leather jacket that’s fitted to her torso and has a belt to cinch it. A violet tee-shirt whose hem falls on her hips. Blue jeans that fit her long legs and taper off before the ground. Basic red sneakers. A crimson pendant on a silver chain hangs down to rest just below the hollow of her throat.
Body Style: Athletic, slim, with some cleavage. Flat stomach and strong body.

Personality: Crysta, although friendly towards her Pokemon, is not when dealing with other people. She doesn’t do well with public situations and doesn’t do well away from home. She and her twin had gone on their adventure together because she couldn’t deal with having to talk to people by herself.
Likes: Reading, Training, writing in her journal, playing piano.
Dislikes: Parties, loud people, having to socialize.

Hobbies: Crysta likes to write in her spare time, mostly fiction and fantasy although when she needs to express herself poetry works well. She likes open places like fields and beaches where she can have space for her team to play and relax without feeling like they’re confined to one area. Crysta is an avid reader, plowing her way through six books in three works as well as keeping up with her school work and her team.
Dreams: She dreams to become the best trainer she can with basic knowledge in breeding and care.

Family: Crysta has her father, Fredrick and her mother, Mina, her twin brother, Sam, and her older brother, Ivan.
Friends: Sam and Ivan, only because they’re family.

Starter: Mudkip Level 5 - water

Marshtomp - AJ
Water Gun (Water)
Bide (Normal)
Mudshot (Ground)
Tackle (Normal)
Notes: AJ is Crysta’s first Pokemon. He’s fiercely protective of her and is her confidant. He’s rarely in his Pokeball because he feels the need to be by Crysta’s side every second.

Mightyena - Artemis
Tackle (Normal)
Bite (Dark)
Sand Attack (Ground)
Howl (Normal)
Notes: Crysta found Artemis in the woods hunting by herself. The Mightyena is not a pet, is rarely calm, and is a warrior.

Swellow - Jake
Peck (Flying)
Quick Attack (Normal)
Wing Attack (Flying)
Focus Energy (Normal)
Notes: Jake is fast. It was hard for Crysta to catch him not because he was strong, but because she couldn’t land a hit on him because of his speed.

Linoone - Conner
Rock Smash (Fighting)
Strength (Normal)
Headbutt (Normal)
Notes: Conner is sneaky, crafty, and an all around prankster. He’ll steal things of other peoples and put it in hard to find places so the person thinks they’ve lost it. It’s a streak that Crysta’s trying to break.

Numel - Helena
Tackle (Normal)
Ember (Fire)
Fire Burst (Fire)
Magnitude (Ground)
Notes: Helena is as unpredictable as a volcano. She’ll be happy one minute and ready to seriously burn someone the next. She needs constant supervision especially when Crysta lets her out somewhere that could catch on fire, like a field, or a forest.

Vibrava -Wisp
Faint Attack (Dark)
Sand Tomb (Ground)
Sonic Boom (Normal)
Sand Attack (Ground)
Notes: Wisp is sweet, and calm, and very affectionate, until someone insults her for being in her metamorphosis stage. Although she is not fully evolved, Wisp will not hesitate to use her wings to kick up a dirt storm.

Favored Type: All
Battle Style/Strategy: Attack hard and fast.

Period 1: Music
Period 2: Breeding 101
Period 3: Battling 101
Period 4: Lunch
Period 5: Journalism/Creative Writing
Period 6: Battling Strategies
Period 7: Pokemon Care Class(night)

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Crysta's OC Needs Approval Empty Re: Crysta's OC Needs Approval

Post  Tenshi-chan on Sat Jan 21, 2012 8:01 pm

Very Nice character.
By the way, Strength is a normal type move. :3

Accepted! YOOMTAH!

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