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Seamus's OC Approval

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Seamus's OC Approval Empty Seamus's OC Approval

Post  Keoghamioa~ on Mon Mar 05, 2012 7:16 pm

[url][/url]Name: Seamus Lloyd O’Leary
Nicknames(s): Sayo
Alias(es): Night-Mare
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 16
Birthday: June 5th
Hometown and Region: Castelia City – Unova Region
Trainer Class/Dorm: Pokemon Trainer

Hair: Neck length, Dirty blonde, Waved/Curved to the right, Get’s in the way sometimes of seeing
Eyes: Green – Blue, Mainly Aqua
Clothes: Loves anything purple (But is straight, purple is just so fabulous!!!!!), Dusk purple undershirt with a Dusk black coat over it almost like a suit, always wearing pitch black jeans even if it isn’t cold out, dark shaded boots thick on the bottom
Body Style: Tall – 6’1, Skinny, No muscle what so ever but a small amount

(Question, was this one meaning to be appearance?) Personality: Glasses (Glare sometimes), Has a pocket chain going down the side of his jeans of his Mother and Father

Likes: Goofing around, Studies hardly any but still gets decently good grades ( Just barely above average ), To hang out with people and Pokemon
Dislikes: Morons or idiots (With school or with Pokemon training/battling/breeding), People who think they know it all and get mad when they know they are proven wrong

Hobbies: Going for walks, hiding in dark areas or high city roof-tops, Internet, creating art work of his Pokemon team, sketches and paintings, music
Dreams: To become a good and strong Pokemon Trainer, and to find that one someone that he loves
(And this one meaning to be how the person acts and all?) Personality: Kind, loving, caring, no patience with most people, not good with younger kids, funny, smart, and mainly... shy as f***.

Family: No one, his father and mother had died when he was of the age of 3, they had died from trying to save other Pokemon from a burning building, Seamus had seen it all, with them running in, and getting trapped. (This is why he has that Pocket chain, it was obtained from his grandmother before she passed away as well, being the last family member in his family to be alive)
Friends: No one as well, hopefully meeting new friends at this school he has been trying to get into for a long while.

Starter: Timburr {Fighting} I do understand this is not a starter type, but it was Seamus’ first Pokemon (It was found when he was the age of 14, he found it in the woods, injured and weak, a letter was next to it stating, “This Pokemon is useless, I don’t need a Pokemon that can’t win a single battle ----“ The rest was ripped, so Seamus took this Timburr in, and it loved him, he healed it at the local PokemonCenter, and that Timburr became his first Pokemon)

(M) Conkeldurr {Fighting} Lv. 40 - Slappy
Chip Away {Normal} Rock Slide {Rock} Brick Break {Fighting} Bulk Up {Fighting}
Notes: Met at Lv. 13 Pinwheel Forest, Timid Nature, Good Endurance, Item – Smoke Ball, Ability – Sheer Force

(F) Krookodile {Ground} {Dark} Lv. 40 - Izzy
Foul Play {Dark} Sand Attack {Ground} Dig {Ground} Scary Face {Normal}
Notes: Met at Lv. 17 Route 4, Bold Nature, Loves to eat, Item – Black Glasses, Ability – Moxie

(M) Litwick {Ghost} {Fire} Lv. 39 - Haox
Night Shade {Ghost} Hex {Ghost} Will-O-Wisp {Fire} Flame Burst {Fire}
Notes: Met at Lv. 25 Celestrial Tower, Timid Nature, Likes to thrash about, Item – Spell Tag, Ability – Flash Fire

(M) Beartic {Ice} Lv. 41 - Jenga
Icicle Crash {Ice} Frost Breath {Ice} Slash {Normal} Charm {Normal}
Notes: Met at Lv. 27 Twist Mountain, Quirky Nature, Sturdy Body, Item – NeverMeltIce, Ability – Snow Cloak

Favoured Type: Fighting, Dark or Ghost
Battle Style/Strategy: Using decently fast Pokemon, with great power in Defense and Attack, and moves to make the opponent annoyed, this team never fails.

Class Schedule:
Period 1: Computer Class
Period 2: Battling Strategies
Period 3: Lunch/Free
Period 4: Battling 101
Period 5: Tech Class
Period 6: Coordination 101
Period 7: Survival

Also, please note this... I am fairly new to this site, and this seems one of only few that I would really enjoy, sorry if I have done anything not allowed on this site or anything other , I am still learning my ways around and things I should know about this site.

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Seamus's OC Approval Empty Re: Seamus's OC Approval

Post  Tenshi-chan on Tue Mar 06, 2012 6:30 pm

{You might wanna fix your icon so that it's not huge....}

Nice, nice! Wonderful, and welcome to the site!

Accepted! YOOMTAH!!

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Seamus's OC Approval Empty Re: Seamus's OC Approval

Post  Keoghamioa~ on Tue Mar 06, 2012 6:34 pm

Yeah sorry about that, I just realized that with my icon. And thanks ^

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Seamus's OC Approval Empty Re: Seamus's OC Approval

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