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The lonely quad.

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The lonely quad.  Empty The lonely quad.

Post  BeautyBeastie on Wed Apr 18, 2012 11:26 pm

Chis was on her new daily rehab walk trying to get rid of the dull pain in her knee. Her faithful Luxuray, JD, had just helped her down the first flight of stairs to the girls ranger dorms. The little Buizel, Tumble, that had caused the accident rode on top of JD's back still too hurt to do anything. Chris was starting to get a little worried about him. She wasn't sure exactly how bad it was hurt.
She was about to turn around when she noticed a light shining from a door. She remembered the other girl here, a ranger. An idea struck her and she knocked on the door.
JD gave her a strange look but she waved it off.

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