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Battle Strategies 2nd period.

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Battle Strategies 2nd period.  Empty Battle Strategies 2nd period.

Post  BeautyBeastie Sun Mar 11, 2012 11:42 pm

Chris wasn't sure when classes actually started. The students were in hush tones about the date, but everyone knew it would be soon. Letting the stragglers through the doors she guessed. But whenever it was, she wasn't going to be that one fool that is lost in the hallway.

She hadn't found much to really do. Her one roomate was out always and she hadn't run into the Waffle ranger or the coordinator recently. So to pass the time she and her faithful Luxray went around the campus to find her classes. The music room was easy to find. One only had to listen for the sound of a flute or violin as they walked. But the battle areas were many and spaced out around the school.

When she finally found the strategies room the morning had slipped into afternoon. After a quick eye to eye with the teacher Chris paced around the arena, already thinking of tactics and advantages. She wasn't paying much attention to the comings and goings of the school.

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