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Post  Sweet Dreams Sun Aug 18, 2013 10:15 pm

Name: Yuki (last name Unknown)
Nicknames(s):  Yu-Chan
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 17
Birthday: December 08
Hometown and Region: Sinnoh- Jubilife City
Trainer Class/Dorm: Pokémon Breeder

Hair: A silvery white, always seems to be tossed but the wind, short.
Eyes: A deep forest green behind black framed glasses
Clothes: Yuki often wears an oversized purple and black sweater the sleeves so large they slide over her hands, a pair of faded blue jeans and a pair of old black running shoes. A necklace with a mini pokeball hangs from her neck
Body Style: At 4’8 with snow white skin Yuki is what most people call “Adorable” Her heart and legs weak from a sickness she has had since childhood.

Personality: Yuki is shy but one of the most kind hearted people you could ever met,but also rather quiet, often not even able to meet the eyes of a person she is taking to. Around Pokémon she is different; she is more talkative, often enjoying the company of Pokémon over other humans.

Likes: Helping Pokémon, Reading, Taking naps in the shade, Anything sweet, Cooking, Sing to her Pokémon.
Dislikes: Pokémon Poachers, Bullies, People who force a Pokémon to do something they down wish to do, Large crowds, Deep Water

Hobbies: Helping and befriending Pokémon, Gardening, Cooking, Reading
Dreams: To become a great Breeder and help Pokémon all over the world.

Family: Yuki has no human family as she grew up in the Jubilife Orphanage but sees her Pokémon as her family
Friends: Her Pokémon (Maybe some humans later on)
Starter: Ralts
Battle Style/Strategy: Doesn’t really have one.

(F) Gardevoir-Gemini
Attract [Normal Type]
Psychic [Psychic Type]
Hypnosis [Psychic Type
Return [Normal Type]
Wish [Psychic type]

Notes: Gemini has been Yuki’s caretaker since she had been a small child, she is a shiny

(M)Absol- Loki
Slash [Normal Type]
Night Slash [Dark Type]
Razor Wind [Normal Type]
Psycho Cut [Psychic Type]

Notes: Has a large scar on his back from when he escapes Poachers as pup. Can be Overprotective of
Yuki and his teammates, has a lack in trust towards other humans and Pokémon.

(F)Teddiursa – Lullaby –Lulu
Scratch [Normal Type]
Fake Tears [Dark Type]

Notes: Just hatched, was found along side a road inside a glass case as an egg abandoned.

Favoured Type:None

Class Schedule:
1st: Breeding 101
2nd: Pokémon Care Class
3rd: Health/P.E
4th: Lunch
5th: Pokémon Care Class
6th: Agriculture
7th: Items Usage 101 (Night)

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