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Tenshi-chan's OC Needs Aprroval

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Tenshi-chan's OC Needs Aprroval Empty Tenshi-chan's OC Needs Aprroval

Post  Tenshi-chan on Sat Jan 21, 2012 6:29 pm

Name: Tenshi Araiia
Nicknames(s): Ten-Ten, Tenshi-chan
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 14
Birthday: August 11
Hometown and Region: Goldenrod City, Johto
Hair: Thin wavy brown hair, lots of curls.
Eyes: Bright sky blue.
Clothes: Her usual outfit it a black hoodie with a shooting star on the back, a pair of white goggles, and a violet t-shirt with a white crescent moon on it. Her jeans are black as well, with white pokeballs going down her right leg, and her socks are violet, and her shoes are black and white sneakes.
Body Style: Normal body, flat chested, long legs. She has lightly tanned skin and her eyebrows are a bit thick.

Personality: She's very shy, and doesn't speak a lot, but is very sweet to her pokemon team. She will slowly open up to people she doesn't know, and is very untrusting and is scared easily. She doesn't like being frightened, but will laugh and giggle about something that makes her happy.
If she opens up to someone, she will be a bit less shy and will talk a lot more, but is much more trusting and much more open with her pokemon team.

Likes: sweets, sunshine, open air, her pokemon team, succeding, the internet, rainy days
Dislikes: being frightened, dark places, trusting people, loud noises

Hobbies: Surfing the web, training her team, swimming, trips to the forest
Dreams: Of becoming a top coordinator

Mother: Maybell Araiia
Father: N/A- assummed he was lost a sea before she was born
Sister: Kiki Araiia (Age: 7)

Friends: N/A - She's not a socialble person. Names will be added as she meets people

Starter: Cyndaquil-Level 5-Fire


(M) Pokemon: Quilava {Fire} Nickname: Firi
Moves: Flame Wheel {Fire}, Swift {Normal}, Smoke Screen {Normal}, Sunny Day {Fire}, Aerial Ace {Flying}, Flamethrower {Fire}
Notes: Gift Pokemon from Professor Elm to run an Egg from the Goldenrod Daycare to Newbark Town. Will bite and burn anyone that gets too close to Tenshi.

(F) Pokemon: Togekiss {Normal/Flying} Nickname: Scout
Moves: Aura Sphere {Fighting}, Shock Wave {Electric}, Extrasensory {Psychic}, Air Slash {Flying}, Water Pulse {Water}, Magical Leaf {Grass}
Notes: This was the Pokemon that was in the egg that was to be delivered to Professor Elm. Many of her moves are from TM's or that she learned as she evolved into a Togetic/Togekiss

(M) Pokemon: Umbreon {Dark} Nickname: Jester
Moves: Shadow Ball {Ghost}, Iron Tail {Steel}, Dark Pulse {Dark}, Dig {Ground}, Faint Attack {Dark}, Psychic {Psychic},
Notes: Another pokemon from the daycare. Orginally an Eevee, but evolved into an Umbreon on a nightly stroll with Tenshi.

(M) Pokemon: Raichu {Electric} Nickname: Voltare
Moves: Thunderbolt {Electric}, Grass Knot {Grass}, Quick Attack {Normal}, Spark {Electric}, Focus Punch {Fighting}, Discharge {Electric}
Notes: A friendly pokemon she met in Virdian Forest by accident. He loves meeting new people, unlike Tenshi.

Favoured Type: All
Battle Style/Strategy: Combination attacks, using her coordianting techniques.

Class Schedule:
1st: Computer Class
2nd: Journalism/Creative Writing
3rd: Music
4th: Lunch
5th: Coordination 101
6th: Pokemon Care Class
7th: Ranger Class (night)

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Tenshi-chan's OC Needs Aprroval Empty Re: Tenshi-chan's OC Needs Aprroval

Post  Ren on Sat Jan 21, 2012 6:46 pm

Approved~! Nice character. ;3


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