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Hugo Shchakevski; Character Sheet

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Hugo Shchakevski; Character Sheet Empty Hugo Shchakevski; Character Sheet

Post  Estrios on Mon Sep 17, 2012 11:01 pm

Name: Hugo Shchakevski
Nicknames(s): Juice (An old childhood nickname he's had for a while, referring to the spanish translation of Hugo), Hollywood Kid (A nickname he got a bit ago by upper clansmen because of the "action movie" style in which he would complete obstacle courses and cross country)
Alias(es): Stone (Rarely used, but if the situation calls for it this is his alias)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 18
Birthday: April 15th
Hometown and Region: Snowpoint City, Sinnoh Region
Trainer Class/Dorm: Pokêmon trainer

Hair: Jet black, somewhat short and usually done in a pompadour fashion.
Eyes: A dark blue color.
Clothes: 99.9% of the time he Hugo wears a black jacket (Almost always unzipped), with a design on its back depicting a gallade in an offensive pose. He also usually wears dark blue/denim blue jeans slightly longer than his legs, and some sort of gray or black tennis shoes or sneakers. Also on him is a loose-ish leather belt that he wears on his waist, where he keeps all his pokêballs. Other items would usually go in a backpack or something similar. Half the time he is also seen wearing sunglasses, sometimes even indoors.
Body Style: Hugo is somewhat tall, and is very athletic and fit.

Personality: Hugo is quite friendly to others. He is always willing to make friends and be social, and he is nearly never sad or mad, always in a great mood. He loves sports and pokêmon battling more than anything, but gets bored when he has to sit in a classroom for too long. He doesn't always seem the type, but he is also very intelligent, even though he often does quite a few reckless and sometimes dangerous choices.

Likes: Pokêmon battles, sports, "cool" pokêmon, working out, most sports, hanging out, training
Dislikes: Inability to battle, having pokêmon get hurt, idleness, classrooms, studying, tests, lectures, speeches, repetition (Unless it's a winning streak)

Hobbies: As expected, much of Hugo's free time consists of pokêmon battling whenever possible, along with working out or doing other sports, sometimes with his pokêmon. Hugo is also very interested in music, and although he doesn't plan on using such a skill in the future, he feels the need for it.
Dreams: Hugo one day wants to beat the champions of every region and become the best pokêmon trainer in the world.

Family: His parents currently live in Sunyshore City, of the Sinnoh Region. They are both kind folk and very supportive of their son. His mother (Anna) was and still is a great pokêmon researcher, and his father (Andrzej), was once part of the Sinnoh Elite Four before he retired from pokêmon battling after an accident involving an enraged Voltorb. Hugo also has a little sister (Camille), fourteen, who is always trying to beat him in battles, reaching for the same dream as him: to become the best pokêmon trainer ever.
Friends: Hugo was very popular in the Sinnoh region, he has friends just about everywhere there. He also has some friends in the Hoenn region from his visit there, but he is relatively new to the school and hasn't made any friends in the area yet.

Starter pokêmon: Gallade. His father gave Hugo his own Gallade, named "Red," on Hugo's 7th birthday. Red was meant to be a guardian for Hugo, and in time they grew an extremely strong relationship. They never did anything separately, and once Hugo started to train and battle pokêmon, Red helped him immensely when he was starting out.
(M) Gallade {Psychic} {Fighting} Lv. 100 - Red
-Leaf Blade {Grass}
-Heal Pulse {Psychic}
-Earthquake {Ground}
-Poison Jab {Poison}
Notes: Given to him by his father at age 7 at a high level, Hugo and Red have an amazingly powerful bond, even for a trainer/pokêmon relationship. Red is one of the most used battle pokêmon in Hugo's team and definitely the strongest (aside from possibly Latios). Red is also rarely in a pokêball, usually following Hugo around.

(M) Dragonite {Dragon} {Flying} Lv. 89 - Draco
-Fly {Flying}
-Dragon Rush {Dragon}
-Dragon Claw {Dragon}
-Earthquake {Ground}
Notes: Hugo caught Draco at level 51 in a secluded cave during his visit to the Hoenn region. Aside from Red, Hugo has formed one of his strongest bonds with Draco. Draco is also the main source of transportation for him.

(M) Scizor {Bug} {Steel} Lv. 81 - Cypher
-X-Scissor {Bug}
-Iron Head {Steel}
-Toxic {Poison}
-U-Turn {Bug}
Notes: Hugo caught Scizor at level 58 near the fight area of the Sinnoh Region. Many times Hugo has Scizor help him out with athletic activity whenever he needs it.

(N/A) Metagross {Steel} {Psychic} Lv. 79 - Streex
-Meteor Mash {Steel}
-Earthquake {Ground}
-Sludge Bomb {Poison}
-Zen Headbutt {Psychic}
Notes: Streex is one of the oldest pokêmon on Hugo's team, caught as a level 36 Metang in a derelict cave of the Sinnoh Region soon after Hugo started as a pokêmon trainer.

(M) Blaziken {Fire} {Fighting} Lv. 83 - Blaze
-Sky Uppercut {Fighting}
-High Jump Kick {Fighting}
-Blaze Kick {Fire}
-Overheat {Fire}
Notes: Blaze was given to Hugo by an acquaintance of the Johto region, as a level 38 Combusken. Blaze is a very powerful and vicious fighter, giving 100% focus on dealing damage and fighting to the best of his ability. Many times the Blaziken can be seen training on the schools fields with or without Hugo.

(F) Frosslass {Ice} {Ghost} Lv. 76 - Frost
-Blizzard {Ice}
-Shadow Ball {Ghost}
-Toxic {Poison}
-Confuse Ray {Ghost}
Notes: Frost was one of the first pokêmon caught by Hugo, caught as a level 21 Snorunt near his hometown of Snowpoint City. Hugo focuses on Frost's combat abilities less so than his other pokêmon, making her the closest he would get to a support pokêmon.

(M) Latios {Dragon} {Psychic} Lv. 91 - Latios
-Earthquake {Ground}
-Psychic {Psychic}
-Draco Meteor {Dragon}
-Ice Beam {Ice}
Notes: Hugo considers Latios to be the pinnacle of his skills as a pokêmon trainer. He spent over half a year chasing down this pokêmon during his trip to the Hoenn region. After Latios was caught, Hugo and him were somewhat not too comfortable around each other, but after a while they formed a strong bond between them.

Favored Type: No favored type really, Hugo's main concern is "cool" pokêmon.
Battle Style/Strategy: Hugo is very intelligent when it comes to pokêmon battles, but he has a misguided opinion that power and speed are everything. He will usually use very powerful moves to bring down his opponent, very rarely using buffs/debuffs/support, aside from an occasional healing or poison inflicting move.
Box Pokemon: None

Class schedule:
Period 1: Survival
Period 2: Type Specifics Class
Period 3: Lunch/free
Period 4: Battling 101
Period 5: Health/P.E.
Period 6: Battle Strategies
Period 7: Music

I hope that's ok, I'll change anything that needs it.

(Also, one question: are we allowed to have more than one OC?)


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