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Another...New Pokemanz.

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Another...New Pokemanz. Empty Another...New Pokemanz.

Post  Keoghamioa~ Thu Apr 12, 2012 9:48 pm

Seamus started out and down the hallways in excitement, when he did a little more research on this Academy. He realized another Pokemon he long awaited for, was available at this Academy. "Haox, I hope your ready for today little buddy~!" Seamus' little Litwick was sitting on his shoulder holding onto his neck so he wouldn't fall over with Seamus running. The Litwick cried a bit in excitement as well, for he didn't know what Seamus was so happy about for today. After a good few minutes they finally got to the Meadows. He places his Litwick down on the ground to sniff some flowers, Haox ends up getting tangled in some flowers, with Seamus laughing some, and his Litwick doing the same in the cute ways he does things. Seamus helped him out and looking around, "Hey Haox... You think I should take Piper out here one day?" Seamus asking his little Litwick in a laughing way. After a while of wondering, Seamus see's a bug Pokemon, "Is that it!?" He walks closer, ".................It's just a Kakuna -_____- Let's keep looking Litwick, and train along the way," Seamus thought he found a dirt pile, but when he sat down to rest real quick, he heard a violin play, he then soon realized he wasn't sitting on dirt. What he sat on, was what he was trying to find. "That noise... it can't be..." Seamus stands up fast, and turns around, seeing a Kriketune, getting up from a quick nap in the soil. "Sorry about that little guy, I didn't mean to hurt you there..." The Kriketune wasn't injured, but kept playing it's little song... why? Seamus wasn't sure, but he had the feeling this Kriketune just wanted him to capture it. Seamus brought out a Nest Ball, and caught it, the Kriketune came flying back out, hugging Seamus, than playing it's song for a few seconds longer. "I guess you wanted to be on the team after all.. huh?" The Kriketune played its strings a little, as if it was agreeing. Soon before Seamus was think of a name to call this Kriketune, he heard a rustling noise coming from behind. He thought it was a Jigglypuff, but no... it was an Audino. "Haox, you know what to do..." Seamus grins, he knows how well fighting Audino's give out lots of points to boost up one Pokemons experience of learning. After the battle Haox ran over to Seamus giggling in happiness over winning, then he got scared, seeing a glowing coming from his insides. He looks up to Seamus, seeing him just smiling back, with him crying to Seamus. "It's alright.. hang on buddy, it will only be a few seconds longer!" Soon, the glowing consumed the Litwick, and now after the flash burst was gone, he evolved into a Lampent. Seamus gets out his backpack, and grabs a dusk stone he got a few days after coming to this school, "Haox, let me give you this, hold this to your head for a sec why don't you!?" Seamus smiles at his Lampent "Don't worry, it wount hurt! Trust me, you will get stronger if you do this!" The Lampent does so, and another series of glowing happens, bam. The Lampent evolved into a Chandelure! "Two evo's in only a few seconds, very great work today Haox! You feel any stronger?" His Haox cries, in a way Seamus hasn't heard yet. "Even your voice has changed so much Haox, congrats!" Seamus smiles, then looks to his Kriketune, "How about Envy? You alright with that name little guy?" His Kirketune chirps its strings once more in awe.

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Another...New Pokemanz. Empty Re: Another...New Pokemanz.

Post  Shadowranger13 Thu Apr 26, 2012 11:04 am

Suddenly Skip flying on a colorful glider flew over his head missing him by a few feet then crash landed in a few feet in front of him. A mandibuzz perched on the tree and shook her head in disbelief at her partner "ow...geez...stupid wind and youre ability to speed up and change directions so suddenly!" he shouted at the sky then looked and Seamus "sorry about that,eh!" his canadian accent was strong when he spoke. He stood up and brushed himself off only receiving a few scrapes from the crash landing. "crap....i hate it when that happens! At least i wasnt flying a plane! Ive crashed three planes then my leader decided i better just use a glider insted."


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