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Moar Pokemanz, I need moar!

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Moar Pokemanz, I need moar! Empty Moar Pokemanz, I need moar!

Post  Keoghamioa~ on Sun Mar 18, 2012 10:38 pm

Hearing about this "Crystal Lake" that was behind the school, Seamus had wanted to check it out since he first got here. He had brought nothing, but 10 Netballs, and a Water Stone that he had found near a little cave next to where his old "Home" used to be. Going there, he saw many groups of Magikarps, Tentacools, Carvanas, and many more water type Pokemon swimming along saftly and sound. But where was it. Where was that one Pokemon he was looking for. He spent almost all day looking for it, untill finally. "There, that didn't take but 4 hours -__-" Seamus walks over slowly, to find a small Lombre resting on the side of the lake at the shallow end of it. The Lombre knows he is there, but doesn't do a thing about it. This Lombre had his nature to Relaxed, and his Ability was Swift Swim, "Yes," Seamus says in excitement putting his Pokedex away, "This is the right Lombre with the righ nature and ability I want to train!" The Lombre seeing him, it sits there, still. Why? Shouldn't it run? No, it didn't, it's as if it didn't mind being caught, if it didn't have to fight for it. Seamus throws a Netball at it....1....2....3....... -click- "Yes. Finally, you sir, have happened to be, my all time favorite Water/Grass type." He get's Lombre back out of his Pokeball, and along with all of his other Pokemon to witness this. He hands the Lombre the Water Stone, saying to it, "Go ahead, whenever you are ready!" The Lombre looked at it strangly, and soon it knew what it did. The Lombre used it right away. After a good minute of white flaring from the Lombre, out pops a Ludicolo. "~Kclata Kclata Kclata~!" The Ludicolo made it's cry, and was happy. He ran over to Seamus, and gave him a huge hug. "Well, I see you are happy to evolve! You're very welcome! Also, come meet the team! ~" Seamus shows Ludicolo to the team, and thinks about what he should name him. "Hmmm, what should I name you Ludicolo?" a moment of thinking later. "How about.. Kappa! You like that name buddy?" The little Ludicolo cried in enjoyment. "Great, glad you are happy with it, Kappa. And welcome to the team once again." He get's all his Pokemon back into their Pokeballs, except Ludicolo, "Here," Seamus says, "Let me show you around first! Than it will be a good time for dinner." The Ludicolo lights up with excitment.

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