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Post  Mikomi on Thu Jan 26, 2012 5:58 pm

Mikomi walked into the local campus store with a smile on her face, and a skip in her step. She had just came back from a break from training, which she had spent in her home town of Littleroot. She had her absol, Corwin at her side and she was getting supplies for her dorm, where she had left her other pokemon. Her emerald green eyes sparkled as they fixated themselves at the isle that sold soda, and she got a tingle in her belly. She loved sugary foods, it was obvious by her personality however that they made her bounce off the walls.

Corwin turned a narrow eye to his trainer, a much more immature personality than himself. He looks at her as if to say, are you really looking at what I think you are? He pauses for a minute before ruffing up his chest. His ivory fur in a heap as she nodded and reached for a bottle. He sighed loudly. She flashed her big white teeth in a smile before checking throughout the other isles. Corwin, so close to her he's practically nipping at her heels.

The shelves are filled with different things, things for people, for pokemon, bath products, food, tools for catching pokemon, the list goes on and on. Our young trainer reaches her olive printed hand towards a shelf and picks up pens and a notebook, she knew she needed it for her classes, not to mention, who didn’t like to write a song or a poem now and then?


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Post  Shadowranger13 on Thu Jan 26, 2012 9:22 pm

Skip ran through the isles with a a crapload of stuff in his arms. Mostly maple syrup and stuff to make waffle batter. He was in search of pocky and soda! Sparky glided over the isle in search of peanuts and brought a can back to skip "right! Peanuts for you and i need food for Disaster and Carlos! Nice thinking buddy!" sparky saluted him and climbed back up on to skips head. He then went after pokemon food for his other two pokemon!

Next thing he knew he ran into someone else "oh..s-sorry!" he quickly apologized with his strong canadian accent clear abd recognizable and looked down at the floor expecting to get scholded. What was with all the maple syrup and waffle
making stuff?


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