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Mikomi Mizaku (needs acceptance)

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Mikomi Mizaku (needs acceptance) Empty Mikomi Mizaku (needs acceptance)

Post  Mikomi on Tue Jan 24, 2012 6:16 pm

Name: Mikomi Mizuki
Nicknames(s): Miko
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Age: 14
Birthday: September 23
Hometown and Region: Littleroot, Hoenn

Hair: She has mousy brown hair that is thick and straight with bangs. It drifts just above her shoulders, and is cut in a slight 'posh cut' style.
Eyes: Her eyes are enormous and a crystal-like emerald green.
Clothes: Mikomi wears long sleeve

Body Style: Mikomi is almost 5'0". She has a very athletic build and is developing a more feminine figure throughout her hips, although is very flat chested. She also has olive toned skin.

Personality: Mikomi is a blunt, tell it as it is type. She's also very hyper and friendly, a very outgoing girl with a fiery temper. She is deathly loyal and has a strong sense of right and wrong.

Hobbies: Mikomi likes to spend time around people a lot. She really enjoys the company of others, a true blue extrovert. She also likes playing sports and writing on occasion. She's also fascinated by the stars and loves star gazing with her pokemon (or friends, or alone).
Dreams: Mikomi dreams of carrying on her family's eeevee linage at their home back in Littleroot. She also wants to expand the ranch and grow berries and such to improve the show quality and health of her pokemon.

Family: Mikomi is an only child but has a boy cousin Devon (16) that she is very close to. Her mother, Melody and father, Alvin.
Friends: Crysta is a close friend, and her cousin Devon.

Starter: Absol- Corwin

(M) Pokemon: Eevee
Nickname: Milo
Quick Attack
Notes: Milo is part of the 'Kip linage' at her parents breeding ranch. She is extremely close to him and has raised him from birth. Milo is very similar to Miko and is very playful. He has only been put in his pokeball few times for traveling purposes only.

(F) Pokemon: Eevee
Nickname: Lucia
Quick Attack
Notes: Lucia is part of the her families farm as well from a different linage. She is the potential mate/suitor of Milo (who has been her best friend).

(M) Pokemon: Absol
Nickname: Corwin
Perish Song
Shadow Ball
Notes: Corwin is much more arrogant and selfish than the other pokemon. He is very particular and protective of Miko and likes to stay out of her pokeball. He is also much stronger than the other members of her team in battle.

(F) Pokemon: Vulpix
Nickname: Felicity
Fire Ball
Fire Spin
Quick Attack
Notes: Felicity is a very haughty pokemon. She is very full of herself and similar to Corwin in her arrogance. She spends a lot of time in her pokeball for misbehavior.

(M) Pokemon: Taillow
Nickname: Ace
Quick Attack
Wing Attack
Notes: Ace is a very brave and determined pokemon. He enjoys challenging
battles as well as free time stretching his wings. Overall a very laid-back pokemon.

(M) Pokemon: Lapras
Nickname: Jinx
Ice Beam
Frost Breath
Notes: Jinx has been in Mikomi's family for years. He is the oldest and most well trained pokemon. He is exceptionally friendly and kind. He is Mikomi's guide and most heirloom like pokemon.

Box Pokemon:
(F) Pokemon: Houndour
Nickname: Lilith
Notes: Lilith is Damian's mate. She is very cocky and dark. She is very intelligent and doesn't get along well with most pokemon. Although she is fiercely loyal to Miko and her fellow pokemon.

(M) Pokemon: Houndour
Nickname: Damian
Notes: Damian gets along fabulously with almost everyone unlike his mate. He is a very stoic and serious pokemon. He is very determined and likable although he comes off cold.

Class List:
Battling 101
Breeding 101
Pokemon Care Class
Type Specifics Class
Agriculture (for growing Berries and Herbs/ also good for Grass & Bug type trainers)

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Mikomi Mizaku (needs acceptance) Empty Re: Mikomi Mizaku (needs acceptance)

Post  Tenshi-chan on Wed Jan 25, 2012 6:26 pm

Ah, I see you got her finished. Very nice Mikomi.

It's really got a nice background to it, and it's a very different kind of app, I've never come across an oc like this one.

So, anyway, accepted! YOOMTAH!

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